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Battered cops, honour killing and persecuted motorists.. stories of an everyday town!


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Sep 16, 2009
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LABOUR'S legacy of degeneracy, religious murder, unchecked crime and victimised normal people are now everyday stories in local newspapers, particularly in towns like Reading which were abused by Labour's left-wing crackpots for so many years.

Flipping through my local paper, usually packed with such tales when I pick it up, I read more accounts of vicious vermin excused proper punishment - whilst coppers cower before them.

And the readers usually fume, as well we other abandoned ones may.


The foul alliance between liberal-leftists, 'do-gooder' lawyers and canny criminals has resulted in a system now so soft that surrender to thugs is now preferable to being disciplined for not doing so.


It's what they always wanted! Well, it must be - they gave it to us!
Re: Battered cops, honour killing and persecuted motorists.. stories of an everyday t

And that's not all... (And just as well, because I need to break these bits up to have so many attachments)

While we're supposed to just take it, criminals get the easier ride because proper punishment will no doubt traumatise them. Either that, or make them more hardened!


And isn't is disgusting that louts who act like wild animals towards even the police, or common burglars, get away with their behaviour so regularly that their antics only make it to the side-columns?!


Don't forget, this is all from the same paper! Don't these disgusting Red twunts love us so much to have given us so much 'enlightened' 'social justice'?!

So next time these stupid, unintelligent spawns of the Public whine about their bus wheels or PE equipment, they should remember that we're living in a land of opportunity and tolerance - even towards malevolent 'criminal' filth!

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Re: Battered cops, honour killing and persecuted motorists.. stories of an everyday t

But don't worry. TOUGH ON CRIME AND TOUGH ON THE CAUSES OF CRIME lived on to haunt this woman:


This sort of rubbish is always happening to people. Usually, though, it takes the form of traffic cops squashed behind trees and vans to nab drivers accidentally going a few MPH above the limit to rake more cash.

Normal people are the only ones the police seem allowed to crack down on nowadays.

On top of things like ordering dustmen to leave rubbish behind if it's 'too much' for the bins, it's nice to know the new 'coalition' local government of Tories and Liberals are continuing the policies of New Labour.... as with their big brothers in Westminster!

Aaaah, isn't that cute!
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Re: Battered cops, honour killing and persecuted motorists.. stories of an everyday t

Mmmm, the enrichment of Multicultural Diversity....


What would we do without it in Britain today?

I wonder what all those extra 'local' Muslims, bought off with a new multi-million Pound mosque paid for with taxpayers' money as the churches crumble, will ponder of it when their imams inevitably raise the subject?

(Whatever, I hope there's a bit more grace since the last bit of newsworthy trouble, where Muslim candidates from both main parties slandered each other a year or two back, before the 'community' closed ranks to hinder the police investigation!)


Still, mustn't grumble. Hate Cwime isn't it!


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Re: Battered cops, honour killing and persecuted motorists.. stories of an everyday t

Just wondering what does New Labour have to do with the courts in Reading or anywhere for that matter?
Re: Battered cops, honour killing and persecuted motorists.. stories of an everyday t

New Labour drafted the laws dominant for twelve years. New Labour also effectively ran the town in the council as their councillors held the majority there and also had two MPs. Reading has been, in some ways, a microcosm of the rest of England. For a couple of years before the election, Reading was apparently the only town in the South East with a public stupid, bought-off or bent enough to still elect Labour at council level.

I know it's bad form to have a go at the public, essentially people only doing what they think is best. Arbitrarily criticising them, as appears here, is just what the lefties do. But high taxes, crumbling infrastructure yet pet PC projects still being marinated in public money made them pretty much as annoyed as me. Black, brown or white, everyone had a grumble. But Labour was still kept on in election after election.

Yep, the coalition's now in and cuts are on the way. The Tory council itself agreed to share power with the Lib Dems, to much Labour bitching, same as in Westminster. But Labour's mismanagement, deliberate negligence and political dogma in Reading mirrors exactly what they did on a national scale. And likewise, Reading gave Labour a mammoth mandate and a heap of good faith in the 1990s, only to be abused and taken for fools.

A lesson there for us all. Especially those towns full of Labour mugs who probably got the betrayal they deserved, at the expense of the rest of us.
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