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Barter Kings Conga Drums Trade


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Jun 4, 2010
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Barter Kings (TV show) Conga Drums Trade

Has anyone seen this? It's on the History Channel or A&E or something like that. Funniest thing I've seen on TV in a loong time. I can't find a youtube clip of it.

I'll attempt some quotes (paraphrased from memory):

A lot of people are starting bands, man. Five man bands, ya know. Well, I figured I could, like, be the sixth man. You know, with the conga drums. I'm gonna get into a band, dude.

Turn over a new leaf. Not the same leaf, not the same one, a different one. A different leaf, a neeeew one!

I'm in charge of getting rid of the popcorn machine cause, like, my mom is trying to give me some responsibility. You know, grown up stuff.
Yeah, all that crap.
Yeah, all that crap.

One man's garbage is another man's treasure... no, no, one mans treasure is another man's garbage... no, sometimes garbage is treasure. It's like my popcorn machine is your treasure!

My friends don't like the popcorn machine, it takes toooo long. I could eat a whole bag of funions waiting for the popcorn. My friends could play a whole mission in call of duty by the time the popcorn is ready.

My mom keeps bothering me to get a hobby or something, so I figure getting into a band is a good way to do something. So, I'm gonna learn the conga drums!

If the guy was sober and faking it, he deserves a bigtime acting job.
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