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Baltimore cop who allegedly murdered Marine goes missing

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May 30, 2007
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Authorities in Baltimore issued an arrest warrant Friday evening charging Baltimore police officer Gahiji A. Tshamba with first degree murder in connection with the death of former marine Tyrone Brown.

But efforts to locate the 15-year veteran have been unsuccessful, leading investigators to consider the possibility Tshamba may have absconded rather than face murder charges and possible jail time.

Scumbag. Brown's family should be allowed to empty nine bullets into this pig.

Baltimore cop who allegedly murdered Marine goes missing | Raw Story
Sure why not kill every SOB especially before they have been given a trial.

Think of the amount of time and money that could be saved by firing most of those involved with Law enforcement and Court officials?

Self-identifying libertarian supports circumvention of fundamental constitutional rights. Interesting.

Oh I support giving this piece of **** a trail and putting him on the death row but I think the family are the ones that should be allowed to throw the switch.
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