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Balloonist vs. Boater


Feb 7, 2016
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A lone man drifting in a hot-air balloon suddenly realized that he had wandered out to sea and was seriously off-course.
He spotted a man in a boat, and promptly lowered his balloon directly over the boat then shouted down:
“Excuse me, but it seems that I am lost…Where Am I?" The boater looked at his chartplotter a moment then replied:
“You’re North 31 degrees, 14.9 minutes by West 101 degrees, 52.5 minutes.
The balloonist shouted down, “Thanks for nothing...You must be a Republican”.
The boater replied: “Well, actually I am a Republican, but how did you know?”.
The balloonist fired back: “Because you’ve given me a useless technical answer that I don’t understand,
and I am STILL lost!” The boater smiled and replied: “You must be a Democrat”.
The balloonist replied: “I am a Democrat, but how did you know?”
“Well” the boater said, “You got up there on a bunch of hot air, you don’t know where you are or where you're going."
“You'd be in this same predicament if you never met me, yet somehow you want to make it MY fault.”

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