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Dec 29, 2015
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Could over 5000 cookies cause that?

I dumped all of the cookies and I replaced my main drivers, I think my next step is to buy one of those programs that tries to look at all of the drivers and I think some even do a memory check.....which one is the best?

Should I be thinking about trying to look at my memory for failures? Windows 10 some place says has a program already to go for that but I cant find it.

Blue Screens of Death make me uncomfortable.
It's called Windows Memory Diagnostic. Search for memory in the start menu (press Windows button, then press m e m o r y and it will pop up on the result list).

Also those programs you are talking about are scams. Waste of money.

If you are getting BSOD, then it is most likely a hardware or 3rd party program fault and not a driver fault. To be sure it is not a driver or 3rd party program, do a reset in Windows (it's under settings>updates). Yes you will have to reinstall your programs but your documents will be fine. Of course reinstall one program at a time to see if BSOD comes back.

The usual hardware culprits are Ram, hard drive and graphics card. You can run tests on the first 2 but it is more tricky with a graphics card.

There is a way to see (maybe) what is causing the problem and that is by going into the administrative tools>event viewer>system. You search for event viewer and it pops up on the list. This might give you a hint to what is causing the BSOD if you can decipher the text [emoji6] it aint easy.

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