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Back to Bataclan and a survivors dislike of Jesse Hughes comments/accusations

Peter King

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Feb 19, 2012
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Even though the attacks are now 6 months ago the terror and the horror from that night still lives heavily with the survivors.

Today on a Dutch news show we saw an interview with a journalist who's wive (and mother of their newborn son) had been killed and who had even then said that these people where not going to get his hatred, he would not reward their horrific acts by a blanket hatred of other people (like these terrorist scumbags do). A brave man, just like Ismael el Iraki, who actually survived the attack in Bataclan.

One other survivor is Jesse Hughes of the Eagles of Death Metal (silly name because from what I have heard from them so far they absolutely do not make death metal) and he is pushing his own version of what happened at Bataclan (one mostly IMHO living in his own mind and not in reality).

In an interview with Taki magazine he has given a few of his "views" on the attack:

There’s no denying the terrorists were already inside, and they had to get in somehow. During the shooting I went outside and the backstage door was propped open. How did that happen?

Really? There is no denying the terrorists were already inside? Even though the video evidence shows that they entered the building after coming out of a Volkswagen Polo and started shooting on the sidewalk and then got inside.

The only time he seemed remotely interested in us was when he said to my girlfriend, “Do you speak French?” and “Where are you from?” She said she was from Texas and he was getting frustrated because that’s not what he meant. Then she said, “I’m American” and he lost interest. I honestly think he was trying to determine if she was Arab or not. She’s Mexican and she could easily pass for Lebanese and I think he was going to warn her if she was Muslim.

I think it is ridiculous that, without evidence, he is claiming that Muslims were being warned to not go in so that the number of Muslims shot would be as little as possible. And this is the biggie IMHO, Ismael el Iraki was one of the people inside Bataclan and he looks really Muslim and he wrote about Jesse Hughes accusations. You can read that story here: Jesse Hughes, you're wrong ? I survived the Paris Bataclan attacks and it was a fellow Muslim who saved me | Voices | The Independent

And here https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10157001693845074&set=a.269552325073.320834.699100073&type=3&theater

In this story he writes:
Your comments reopened a nasty wound. So you say the security crew was in on it and was warning every Arab they saw. See, as you can see on this picture some guy took at the scene a few minute before your show began, I happen to be an Arab and to look very much like one. I got a big black curly beard and the skin tone to match it.

As I said I live and breathe rock 'n' roll, and I could not look more Muslim if I tried. But apparently, the big bad Muslim conspiracy missed me. Damn, they forgot to warn me. They also forgot to warn Djamila, and all the other Arabs who got shot and killed that very night. They forgot to warn my fellow Moroccan Amin, who was shot that very night. Apparently, a few weeks later, the also forgot to warn Leila, another fellow Morrocan, who got killed in the Ouagadougou attack. Silly international Muslim conspiracy. They really cannot do any job well.

He also writes about how another Muslim risked his life to save all the visitors in Bataclan that he could. He ran back into the building while safe so that he could save anyone he could. But in Hughes's mind all of this is a big conspiracy, he claims this that and the other and it is largely based on nothing.

That he is angry at Isis? Good, great, I am angry too and most people are angry, but unlike the journalist who's wife was killed by the terrorists, he is rewarding the terrorists with his anger, hatred, accusations, nonsense and falsehoods. As doctor Phil says, the only one who you really punish with your anger and hatred is yourself.
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