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Avoiding the fiscal cliff, what it will mean for the future

The debt ceiling was raised, and so were taxes on the wealthy. Supposedly this would work and bring a little more success to USA, but it's obvious that we only bought ourselves a little bit more time. The amount of time we have to raise the debt ceiling again is two months, two months until we have to make another compromise.


What happens if the debt ceiling is reached? We would have to raise taxes and cut spending, the US credit score will be downgraded and not to mention: China will be pissed. We are solving this problem in other ways, but its not to our advantage.

We've allowed China to purchase small amounts of land, as well as banks, movie theaters, and soon we're considering to sell them our oil reserves. If this continues, the only way to pay off our debt to them is to sell our land and companies. This might be difficult to believe, but there is strong evidence in these links:


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