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Auburn police officer charged with murder in 2019 shooting

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Apr 5, 2018
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This officer has a long history of murder and using excessive force. This time the experts, including officers from his own department to testify to the truth.

Nelson has an extensive history of using force and has shot and killed two other people in the line of duty, with one of those cases reaching a $1.25 million settlement just days before he was charged in Sarey’s death.

A video forensics expert hired by the prosecutor’s office later concluded Nelson’s written statement of events were inconsistent with video-surveillance footage from the scene.

Additionally, two police use-of-force experts — Jeff Noble, a former deputy police chief in Irvine, California, and Scott Haug, a former Post Falls, Idaho, police chief — agreed Nelson did not follow his training in a number of ways: Nelson had no reason to believe Sarey was armed and there was clear evidence Sarey was suffering a mental-health crisis or under the influence of drugs; Nelson should have waited for backup; he failed to use less-lethal options, including deploying a Taser that was strapped to his thigh; and failed to use any de-escalation techniques, according to the charges.

From another incident cited in the same article:

“Lying on the ground, with a bullet in his torso, and a K-9 having mauled him, Isaiah posed no threat to Defendant Nelson or anyone else,” the lawsuit alleged. “Nonetheless, as Isaiah lay on the ground, Defendant Nelson walked over to Isaiah, aimed his gun at him a second time, and fired a shot directly into Isaiah’s head as he stood above him.”

Nelson was awarded a department “medal of valor” for that shooting.

Read the article. It goes into far more detail.
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