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Atheism on the Rise


blond bombshell
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Jul 14, 2005
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Yes but human beings are only in there youth.

Humans can achieve anything and that is my faith in humanity.

Or do you want to believe noah getting all what 30000 100000 species of life on this planet


Jul 19, 2005
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dogger807 said:
Knowledge and education have always been the antithesis's of religion which is based on misinformation and easy answers.

This is easy to see just by looking at how the percentage of atheist per capita goes up as you climb the scale of education and IQ with the NAS being polled at 92% atheist.

That not to say there aren't any smart religious people or dumb atheists.

However information has become so easily obtained and impossible for churches to censor that opposing arguments are accessible at the touch of a button. This leads to more critical thinking for those who wish to learn. Since our children have a tendency to be smarter and more comfortable with technology than the generation before the ratio of intelligence will rise and with it the overall percentage of non believers.

the one problem with this is as the overall average intelligence of religious people will drop and they will become more aggressive in nature. This bodes unwell for future generations.

First of all being a believer is hardly misinformation and easy answers. That right there tells me just how far you have really gone. Second if there were as many atheists as there are Christians the numbers would be the same. You cannot compare them when the sample groups are so completely different in size. Now that is true misinformation. :roll:


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Jun 24, 2005
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blogger31 said:
First of all being a believer is hardly misinformation and easy answers. That right there tells me just how far you have really gone. Second if there were as many atheists as there are Christians the numbers would be the same. You cannot compare them when the sample groups are so completely different in size. Now that is true misinformation. :roll:

hehehe I never said there were as many atheists as christians. I said as intelligence rises the number of atheists per capita rises. Intelligence is on the bell curve. No the sample groups are not the same size and I can compare them with the per capita statement.

and yes ..religion is myth-information


StillPhil said:
It's quite a shame that Buddhism did nothing for you. It's actually an incredible philosophy.

I didn't say it didn't do anything for me. It taught me a great many things, and I continue to have a different perspective on the world because of it. But it is incomplete. It is a wonderful philosophy, but it is not completely fulfilling.

I must take issue with your comment on Wicca. Who the heck are you to say that no one has found fulfillment or eternal joy with Wicca? There's nothing dark about Wicca!

It is a rather vague statement. I will give you that. But, in all my research on the Wicca philosophy it never suggested anything about bringing joy or fulfillment. None of the writings I have read based on it nor any of the people speaking of their experiences with it ever suggested anything of fulfillment nor of joy. And it is an opinion that it is dark, but for the reasons that I have stated previously, and because it is a believe that takes you away from God, and that is always a dark thing.

That comment totally discredits anything you say from now on, because you make blunt statements about things you know nothing about.

You assume too much. I do know about Wicca, and their beliefs. Your opinion of me and my comments is yours to have, but to suggest that I know nothing about this topic is a blunt statement about me, whom you know nothing about.

And the :Bolded: statement----have you shown us anything yet? I look around me and find physical elements that have physical explanations.

What is it that I COULD show you that would prove God's existance? You have to be willing to seek to find that, and it's not something I can physically show you, but rather, something you will have to experience.
In otherwords, it is like reaching Zen, but it is even more wonderful, because it involves the love of the Father, and the purpose of we as people.

In fact, both Buddhism and Wicca adhere much to this philosophy. They are constantly searching for truth. REAL truth.

And they will forever continue searching for truth, because only Christ is the way the truth and the life.

Not this hokey-pokey truth that can only be proven in your imagination. I wonder if there is a God, truly. I find it hard to believe that we came from nothing, but that doesn't mean I'm going to become a Zombie and trudge off following a large group simply because of their numbers.

I don't suggest you become a Zombie, nor do I suggest you look for God simply because of the numbers of Christians (although that is a testimony that quite a few people, some of them not so easily fooled as you suggest also believe this in this God).

YOU THINK there is very little Christianity in Hollywood? So what?

Yes, I do think that. It is an opinion statement, as "very little" is relative. And as to "so what?" It matters to me. I think there are wonderful things that positive moral and SPIRITUAL messages can portray.

First of all, like I said above---you've already discredited yourself by your lack of knowledge with issues you yourself try to discredit.

And yet, you make this statement in ignorance because you have absolutely no way of knowing how much I know about Wicca or anything for that matter.

Yes Sebastian, there is a line between knowledge and wisdom. It looks like this: knowledge-wisdom. Only Religious hubris like yours makes the line look like this knowledge + faith = wisdom.

Yes, I do think faith has a role in wisdom. As does experience. As does the choice to act upon the knowledge one has. I know a great many people who know so much about the human being from the sceintific pespective. I know people that can take you into hours worht of lecture on the human psyche, and yet, some of these peolpe don't know or understand the first thing about how to treat people. They think themselves better because of their knowledge. But if they were wise, they would know not just how the world works, but what part they play in the world as well.

Faith---that which we imagine to be true.

Webster dissagrees.
Faith---Confident belief in the truth, value, or trustworthiness of a person, idea, or thing.

Despite years and years of actual research with FACTS and questions, more research, more FACTS, new questions, more research, etc....people like you are constantly trying to convince people like me to BELIEVE something that cannot possibly be believed without the presence of FACTS!

And of course you suggest that there is no middle ground between the two? Surely you don't think that I go around not believing facts due to my belief in something else. If you could prove to me that God didn't exist, then I would not continue beliveing in Him, but I needn't worry about that should I?

So don't sit there in your tower and say that you're not trying to convince people of your faith, then judge Hollywood (or anyone else for that matter) on YOUR assumption that there are very few Christians or practice Christian philosophies.

Firstly, Hollywood is a place and an industry. I am not passing any judgements on the industry, only suggesting there is a lack of a certain element within it. I don't understand what you're all worked up about, but you certainly are not making any sense.

That's none of your business.

I dissagree. I have been told to make disciples. I am doing as I was told.

They don't have to be Christians. They don't have to.

No, you're right. No one HAS to be a Christian. But there life would be better if they were. Furthermore, I am not necessarly suggesting that the people in Hollywood should be Christian, just that more Christian people should be in Hollywood. Also, I am not suggesting that there is not some elements of Christianity in film (good and bad as you suggested), but when they are seen between gruesome violent ponography or random sex scenes the Christian message is lost. To speak of some of the philosophy while showing a shameless abandonment of the rest of it is not justifying that philosophy.

And yes you ARE trying to convince people to believe like you---by stating...
Yes, I believe that the life of a Christian is the best possible life. I have experienced life without it, and with it. The life with it is better. Do you suggest that there should not be more Christians with Christian messages in film?
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