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Assalamu aliykum

Salah ud Deen

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Oct 21, 2005
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I look forward to the discussions and debates with you all. I hope to learn and teach while here, and hope that I don't have to put the smack-down on any of you. :2wave:
Welcome to Debate Politics!
Welcome to DP.
Glad you're here.
Hello, Salah ud Deen!:2wave:

Dammit, Salad, is that you? From IAP?
Yes it is I. I have tracked you here and intend to disrupt all your activities as authorized me by the PAT.RIOT Act.
galenrox said:
you say "bring it" but we all keep hearing "My name's teacher an I'm a pansy, and I cry nightly because of how badly I am schooled by Galen on a daily basis!"

Pay no attention to him. He's just a fag magnet we keep around here to increase our population. He's gonna go down, (choice bit of wording there), from AIDS I here. But that's just the word on the street. The shame is he caught AIDS from a sheep..poor sheep.

Hope to see ya on the threads :2wave:


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