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As you know, two years ago, my uncle raped my son.

Thanks to small town politics and I think the influence of some rich family, the grand jury posted a "no bill" on proceeding to trial. I got a call a few days after that, I'm fairly sure who it was, that said "Don't think badly of us, they just didn't want that kind of trouble in Bandera".

So flash forward to this Thanksgiving, the aforementioned rich relatives had that POS over for dinner.

I have never been so betrayed as I was that day. It ruined thanksgiving at our place. My son was devastated, I puked. So angry, so full of rage.

I have such a burning hate for my family right now.
Horrible. I am so sorry. Other than grief, there's no stronger an emotion than betrayal. This particular betrayal sounds like the very worst...
Good grief. I guess you don't know unless you're in that situation but I'm pretty sure something bad would have happened to that guy if I was there. Is there a reason the relatives did that? Is it money?
I understand you and believe in justice ,dont give up!
If we don't get dinged up in life, we haven't lived. Let's take what we have left and keep going! I feel for your son, you, and the others who love your son and continue to suffer from the trauma he experienced. Feel some love!
I went to a Business College in Florida...majored in management, then became a Licensed Real Estate Broker and Community Association Manager. Along the way, charitable non-lawyer legal advocacy became one of my past times. Pursuit of a career as a lawyer would probably have killed my "Advocacy Joy". Clearly, our judiciary system frequently falls short on rendering anything remotely resembling justice. Due process , to me, involves a notion of reasonable rules of procedure that vested parties to an incident can avail themselves for the purpose of rendering a reasonable and fair decision. I don't know how to make it a better system other than to rigorously let those that influence the judiciary the most feel some of your angst. "We The People" since the inception of this country only expanded to include Indigenous people, women, people of color and others by the concerted efforts of those who fought for inclusion. Soldier on! May our best times lie ahead!
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