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Army Cuts the Velcro

Aunt Spiker

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Oct 20, 2009
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The Buzz Log - Army Cuts the Velcro - Yahoo! Buzz

The Army surved 2,700 soliders, and 60% of them said they would prefer buttons for their cargo pockets (only 11% wanted to "stick" with Velcro). Authorities listened, and now it looks like the old-fashioned button will be making a return.

The USA Today goes on to mention that the move back to buttons will end up saving the Army nearly $1 per uniform. There is at least one other huge benefit: Unlike Velcro, buttons don't make any noise. In times of conflict and danger, silence can be absolutely vital.


Why don't they test these things before issuing and wasting taxpayers money?
Where are the good engineers and designers ??
Germany and Japan ???
Common sense and respect dictate that when a company is making anything for anybody, they bring the "body" in as a consultant, and do as suggested. I prefer snaps, but, then, I am not in the Army. In real life, Velcro does not work that well.
Absolutely! Why on EARTH they chose it is beyond me! Obviously some idiots who know nothing about velcro but only that it would make their company money convinced other idiots who don't contend with it often that it would be a smart idea.

It's noisy
It looks crappy - they aren't just using it to "close" pockets. They use it to tack on name tags and everything else so patches don't snug to the uniform and can get ripped off easily.
It sticks to everything else - grass, strings, everything.
It sticks to other velcro when washing which can twist your uniform out of shape.

I hate velcro in civilian life.
I hate it even more on my husband's uniform and so does he.

*ptoo ptoo*
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That does seem stupid putting velcro on BDUs or what ever the hell they call them now. I could see it becoming handy for a office POG to help keep his uniform straight. Luckily when I was in the Army we still had regular BDUs because a infantry MOS puts a lot of wear and tear on your boots and uniforms and that clothing allowance is a joke.
Hooray I guess.
:rofl Two theme songs - have to cover all of velcro clothing applications, here . . .

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