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Armistice Day, not Veteran's Day


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Dec 28, 2009
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When I was a kid, everyone knew that WWI ended on the eleventh month, the eleventh day and the eleventh hour and it was known as Armistice day from that time on. Then for some reason they decided to combine it with all the other wars and call it veteran's day, ignoring the memories of the 117,000 Doughboys who fought and died for their country.

When the survivors returned home, including my dad and his two brothers, they were dumped on streets, and with no government help, no veteran's hospitals, or even severance pay, and had to make it on their own from then on.

In contrast, WWII returning veterans got a GI bill, unemployment checks ($20 for 52 weeks), provided them the means to go to a college or buy a home, and surviving spouses $10,000.

Why not WW1's veterans day, and give the other wars separate days? If Congress can change it the first time they should be able to change it again.

I can't disagree with your post. I don't it will happen because too much time has past since WWI. Congress combined Washington and Lincoln into President day. This made room for having a MLK day. Best we could hope for is a WWI day that was not a paid holiday. IMO, all service people need to be recognized. America has put them through hell with WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, the middle east conflicts.
Why not WW1's veterans day, and give the other wars separate days? If Congress can change it the first time they should be able to change it again.

WWI veterans are no more deserving of a holiday than veterans who served in other wars. And we really don't need separate days to celebrate the veterans of every war we've ever had.

There is one living American WWI veteran, and he's a hundred and nine. He's not going to live much longer.

If we created a holiday strictly for WWI veterans, we would either need to get rid of it in a couple of years when that guy dies, or we would have to create holidays for all the veterans of every war America has ever been involved in. That would be between 12 and 26 new holidays we would have to create (depending on what your definition of 'war' is).

Actually, I've changed my mind. That sounds like a fantastic idea. We should get them all off work too.
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