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Arguments against Social Security


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Aug 5, 2005
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Social security is a flawed program for the following reasons:

1. It is an excessively large and inefficient bureaucracy. Compared to ?private sector organizations, social security is very poorly managed.

2. There should be a separation between redistribution of wealth and ?forced savings. This separation should be made for a couple reasons. ?First, a separation makes it easier to measure exactly how beneficial ?the program actually is. Second, a separation would clarify debate by ?distinguishing the issues: on the one hand, we are forcing people to ?save for their own future, on the other, we are taking from the wealthy ?and giving on the poor.

3. The redistribution mechanism in Social Security is vague and poorly ?understood by the public. Transparency is the best policy, so it should ?be clearly enumerated for each individual exactly how much of their ?money is going to other people and how much will be kept for ?themselves.

4. The redistribution mechanism in Social Security overlaps with all ?the other Federal programs which redistribute wealth. All these ?programs should be combined into one program for the sake of efficiency ?and transparency. It is hard to tell how much we are giving to the poor ?if there are many overlapping programs dealing with the problem.

5. There is a belief among many American citizens that they are ?entitled to their Social Security checks. In fact, these citizens ?should only be 'entitled' to the amount they put in plus interest. ?Everything above that should be clearly marked as charity funds.
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