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Arguement Number One Against Abortion

Hello all! Hear me out here if you will....

There seems to be several misconceptions going around here. One, is that the legality of something does not make it moral. Many things in the past have been seen as legal in certain countries, by certain leaders, that were not moral. A good example is Nazi Germany and Hitler. An example in the United States was slavery. Slavery was legal. That did not mean it was moral.

Second, if we are to believe that abortion is murder, then the woman’s rights do not come into play, unless her life is in danger because of the pregnancy. No human has the moral right to end an innocent human being’s life. The fact that the baby is inside the mother, does not give the mother that right. The location of the baby, inside the mother or outside the mother, does not give the mother the right to have it killed.

With that being said, the center point of the pro-choice versus pro life argument is whether the unborn fetus is actually alive or not, and whether it is a human or not. So to convince anyone to be pro-choice, you will first have to convince them that the unborn fetus is not a human being, and that it is not alive.

And this is where we must look to science. If science tells me and can prove that an unborn fetus is not human or alive, then I would be perfectly fine with abortion. But I am not perfectly fine with abortion. And that is because science says the unborn fetus is 100% human. For if it was not human, then what is growing inside the mother? When a man and a woman come together, their offspring can only and always has been human from the very beginning of the pregnancy. For it to be anything but human makes no sense. This is why an unborn child can never be a parasite. A parasite is a foreign entity that feeds off of another’s body. That is not what an unborn child is.

And this brings me to another point. If the fetus is not alive, why is the mothers body taking care of it so well? Why is the mothers body, and all female bodies perfectly designed to carry an unborn child for nine months? Why does her body protect and take care of the child so that it is as healthy and viable as possible?

If it is not alive, then why does it have its own human beating heart by six weeks? And if stopping an innocent human heart is not murder, then what is?

Post taken from the thread Abortion - Holocaust against Human Rights

Part Two

Abortion is legal murder no matter what. An unborn child is completely human and alive. No one has the right to end it's life simply because of "Body Autonomy." A separate, individual life trumps body autonomy 100 times over. Why does body autonomy give the mother the right to have her child killed, but not give the baby the right to not be killed? What happened to the body autonomy of the unborn? Being attached and dependent on someone for your life does not give them the right to end your life. Body autonomy does not shove aside the facts that that life is important.

No matter what you say, no matter what sugar-coated words you use, abortion will always be the killing of an individual human, at any stage of any pregnancy. We are humans, and animals give better care to their young then we do to our own offspring! Do you realize how disgusting this is? Do you realize the effects abortion is having on certain societies?

Japan has serious population problems because of abortion. The birthrate in Japan is 1.4! You have to have a birthrate of at least 2.1 to keep your country alive. Japanese people have an aging population. They will go extinct if this is not fixed immediately. And abortion is NOT helping this by any means.

We are killing ourselves. We are destroying our own cultures by shoving aside the fact that innocent life is sacred, and then killing the unborn out of convenience. You know this is wrong. Get out of your self denials and wake up to this evil.

Wouldn't some of you be horrified if six healthy unborn puppies were "removed" from the uterus of a healthy, pregnant dog and the process killed them? Of course this never happens to my knowledge, but imagine it did. Wouldn't you feel ANY pity, sadness from the loss of those six lives? And if you do, why don't you feel heartbroken when human lives are ended this way?

Wouldn't you feel heartbroken if your friend's 7 month old got hit by a car and died? You would. Why don't you feel heartbroken when an unborn child, at seven months in the womb, is forcefully removed and dies because of it? Both are babies. Both are alive. Both are human. And both died. Why is one considered worthy of mourning, and the other just down to an expensive procedure and nothing more?

If you actually saw what an abortion at 9 months, 8 months, 6 months, 4 months, 3 months - looks like on an ultrasound screen - you would change your mind when you saw that helpless form being ripped apart and unable to scream. Unless you are completely psychopathic, you would feel something more then just "Oh, it was her right to chose."

Post taken from the thread How to be Pro-Life and Pro-Choice
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