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Are worker bees getting crazier?

I don't do any hiring, but personal experience and general observation have led me to believe that our society as a whole has become slightly sociopathic and disconnected from reality. The affects of Bernaysian Marketing, profit as the only motive, and 24/7 access to entertainment and distraction from life, community and the body politic are becoming disastrously and unavoidably noticeable.

Most of us frogs in the pot have not noticed the rising temperature of deceit and low morals in this country. We not only accept, but make excuses for and justify the lies and deception that envelop us in every ad, in all areas of politics, and our most powerful "citizens", the corporations.

Add to that the amount of time many spend in alternate realities such as television, Internet distractions, and face planted in the Twittertext-verse, people can no longer function well in the real world.

I believe a strong case can be made for the sociopathic structure for the power elite, and a woefully codependent muddle of the masses. If you are not familiar with the dynamics and implications of these relationships to each other, it's worth a quick read.

That's not to say business owners are all sociopaths, it's saying the structure they must operate in (profit first and only) assures the company is pushed toward sociopathy. And it's not to say that the masses are all crazy and stupid. Yet, they are put in positions were they constantly have to seek validation, approval, and surrender control of large parts of their lives to those that leverage control over them.

There are several possible responses to this situation depending on the individuals temperament and community environment. But most will just give up, tune out and go through the motions of living. We're far beyond the Orwellian nightmare. The powers that be, whomever they may be, did not have to subjugate and warehouse the masses in pseudo cells... A resource of labor, nothing more... We volunteered for it... Because it was wrapped in the New American Dream of bright colors, soft cushions and constant entertainment.

Voluntarily, much of the country sequesters themselves in front of the TV or computer for crazy amounts of time each day, effectively removing themselves from being an effectual participant in society, and an obedient producer falsely assured that they are well informed and connected. And while our surroundings are much more comfortable and fulfilling than Orwell's vision of dystopia, the outcome is the same. A dumbed down, hopelessly dependent, impotent pool of labor.

My point is, on an individual level, neither the owners nor the producers are bad people. Neither group alone is to blame. Pointing fingers accomplishes nothing but preserving this dis functional status quo. The root of the problem is interdependent dysfunction in both groups.

End rant
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