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Are We Paranoid Enough Yet? FEMA’s Russia ‘Protocols’ Raise Serious Questions


May 11, 2013
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By Robert Stacy McCain
July 6, 2013

Oct. 8, 2012: Russia’s EMERCOM Minister Vladimir Puchkov (left) and U.S. Deputy Administrator for National Preparedness and Protection, Timothy Manning, sign the protocol of a bilateral meeting in Vladivostok, Russia.

Have FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security signed a deal that would permit as many as 15,000 Russian troops to be deployed in the United States to deal with an unspecified emergency?

This was not a question that I expected to be researching when I woke up today and decided to get back in the groove as Editor-in-Chief at ViralRead after the Fourth of July holiday. But then I checked the site stats and found that the top story and the top referrer were these items:

Obama’s DHS Requests 15,000 Russian Troops –Lisa Jennings, ViralRead

What’s With The 15,000 Russian Troops Requested By DHS? –The Lonely Conservative

Well, well — what’s up with that, indeed? The most obvious explanations would seem to be either:


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Are We Paranoid Enough Yet? FEMA’s Russia ‘Protocols’ Raise Serious Questions : The Other McCain

From what I understand the Russian troops would be deployed in FEMA Region III. That indicates the areas around Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland. Accordingly does this mean that our Dear Leader Barack Hussein Obama II, has no faith in our military to protect him? Hmm..., I wonder?
I remember when a serviceman could be arrested and interrogated for even talking to a Russian.

it is very strange and disturbing, from the idea of allowing criminal invaders, many of whom illegally removed their children from their home countries to walk free and "gain a pathway to citizenship," instead of a sting in prison, to bowing to petty foreign monarchs to this, that the Modern Left and especially the current inept and corrupt Administration seem to have little concept of national sovereignty.
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