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Are BLM protests to divert from issues about white billionaires?

Are BLM protests to divert from issues about white billionaires?

  • No, white billionaires are the greatest and purist black civil rights leaders in the world

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Jan 21, 2009
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BLM is financed and supported by the richest white people and white-run corporations. In this, they are literally paying low income and black people to NOT protest about the extreme economic disparities in this country to instead attack the police, mom and pop businesses and ordinary people. Why do rich white billionaires want racism THE issue of the election - rather than the terrible problem of economic disparity of white billionaires now getting almost infinitely richer as ordinary Americans get poorer? Why do low income Democrats accept that their own lives are irrelevant to instead rant about racism rather than economic discrimination and corruption?

Hell would freeze over before Biden would even hint at raising taxes on billionaires and has promised them he will not. On no occasion in 47 years has Biden ever criticized any billionaire by name. Nor will he ever. Rather, all anger and energy is diverted away from questioning people and corporations with tens of billions of dollars and getting more billions every month - those same white rich people financing race riots as a diversion. BLM protests and riots on behalf of the richest white men on earth, despite the USA being among the least racist nations on earth. Of course, those same white billionaires and white-run corporations OWN and CONTROL the MSM, press and Internet - how they issue their orders to low income and black people.

Why do you think billionaire white people are financing BLM protests and having their MSM cheering BLM protests?
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