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Anything Goes America/throwing It All Away


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Mar 1, 2006
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My state of the union address(pass it on or pass on it)

What can be said of an nation/society such as ours has become I have to wonder given that our once great land is so polluted as illustrated below.I will then let more discerning,enlightened voices address said question after which I will sound off with my 2 cents worth on it as well for whats its not worth since if scripture & the warnings/wisdom of the sages from the ages wont stir US from our lethargy then nothing lowly me says will either now folks sad to say.

* Gross economic/fiscal fraud by way of spending US into oblivion with massive debt/deficits by not living with our means & George B. spending(more than all presidents before him combined)& borrowing like a drunk sailor on! shore leave all being passed onto our posterity to tune of $3 billion more into the red daily while our inept incompetent govt steals US blind as documented in this story(www.wanttoknow.info050310pentagontrillionslost -Rumsfeld says $2.3 TRILLION lost/missing)Look it up-I did.

*The ongoing American holocaust of abortion of 4000 murdered daily on average for 33 years & counting now which GB/Congress could end TODAY if they had the backbone or will to by simply declaring & enforcing the personhood of the unborn under the 5th amendment to the US Constitution but NO.So much for our phony prolife president.

*The abuse,mistreatment & torture of detainees/prisoners which continues still according to informed sources pursuant to the phony war on terrorism.If our troops arent doing it directly then we send the inmates off to others in foreign countries to do such for US in our name but if we can tolerate the barbaric butchering of babies routinely whats a little abuse/torture of POWS comparably after all?

*Uncle Sams abject outright refusal for decades now to seriously defend,protect & secure our borders from the unceasing flood of illegal immigrants(10,000 daily)hardly consistent with their oath )

* Our imperialistic,unjust & unconstitutional war in Iraq(Iran?)with its accompanying graft & shedding of innocent blood abroad as at home all done to admittedly advance the agenda of global govt under UN..

* Bush/Congress relentless advancing the antiAmerican NWO agenda to destroy & merge US into which should qualify as sedition/treason & is wholly incompatible with a biblical worldview since its hatched in Hades & satanically spawned.No man can serve 2 masters God & globalism as GB/GOP officially advocate & endorse for the record.(North American union plan to merge US with Canada & Mexico within a few years? We must have a death wish as a sovereign nation to turn a blind eye to such subversive scheming by these scoundrels who aim to overthrow US from within.

* The alarming advance/acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle perverse as it is & calling it good,normal etc.Nuff said there.

These are the most egregious,outrageous examples(in random order) among many which no civilized society should tolerate & any/all of which should render such miscreants responsible unfit to hold any public office if not a jail cell or a noose even better if we werent so passive/permissive a people to let them get way with such blatantly obvious nefariousness .However they are just symptoms of the root of the deep spiritual malaise infecting US which is the real problem at hand.When we excuse them for their constant violations of the Constitution our supreme law then it amounts to contributing to the undermining of that very rule of law.Those who break/disobey such should be unceremoniously thrown out of office/rendered disqualified from holding the same simply put.Now onto the above pressing vital question for US all to ponder.

1)This people honors Me with their lips but their heart is far from me.Why call Me lord & do not the things that I say as God puts it.We have but a form of godliness but deny the power therof .

2)The doctrine of nonresistance against arbitrary power & oppression is absurd,destructive & slavish of the good & happiness of mankind.(Article 10 1784 New Hampshire Bill of Rights)Sounds just like US.

3)If men thru fear,fraud or mistake should renounce or give up any essential natural right the eternal law of reason & the grand end of society would absolutely vacate such a renunciation.The right to freedom being the gift of God Almighty it is not in the power of man to alienate this gift & voluntarily become a slave.If we suffer tamely
lawless attacks on our liberty we only encourage it & involve others in our doom.-Samuel Adams( sounds just like US today folks dont it?)

4)That what is tacitly accepted by a people & its institutions in its practices(policies)will tell more about what it embraces as good true & beautiful then all verbal declarations to the contrary-Aristotle

5)There is no crueler or greater tyranny then that perpetrated under the shield of law & in the name of justice-Montesquieu.(Hear that GB with your illicit warrantless searches-the ends DONT justify themeans)

America is on its last legs & the day of our reckoning is fast approaching when there will be hell to pay deservedly like it or not.Call me what you will I have heard it all,dismiss & write this off as just another longwinded diatribe.Regardless I can only speak the truth out about our govts oppression/offenses against the laws of God & man to declare GB/Congress & their minions of malfeasance are the greatest threat to US all & the real terrorist is our own Uncle Sam out of control & let the chips fall where they may as in Gal:4:16 As for me I'll stand behind all I wrote no matter or whatever it brings.Those who have ears to hear let them hear.End of rant.Ru relieved?


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