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Anyone here have a kindle?


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Sep 16, 2007
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If so I would like to have some input on it; such as how do you like it? What don’t you like about it?Do you have a pretty good book selection to pick from? lets hear your gripes about it and would you still buy it again if you had it to do over? :2wave:
Anyone here have a kindle?

No, my family keeps trying to buy me one, but I've heard so many negative things about them that I'm very resistant.
Plus, I have a strange sentimental attachment to conventional books. I like the way they look, feel, and smell.
I hope electronics never entirely replace books.
Yea, nothing like curling up and smelling ..HOT PLASTIC!!! :shock:
Please do not go to the Dark Side:( I refuse to own one
The main thing that has prevented me from buying one is the Digital Rights Management involved in the content. No thanks.
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