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Any opinions on Shoher's new book on counterterrorism?



What everyone here thinks of Obadiah Shoher's recent book, Machiavellian perspective on the Middle East conflict? It is one of the most interesting and controversial books I've read on the conflict.

Shoher goes from the contempt of the religious Eretz Israel notion to advocating occupation of Saudi oilfields, from blaming irresponsible politicians for expansionist policies to calling for reprisals against Arab villages for terrorist attacks. He trumps on every myth, Jewish and Muslim alike, and rationalizes where others moralize. Obadiah is apocalyptic on nuclear terrorism, and suggests the measures to prepare Israel to imminent attack.

Shoher basically says that peace is only available through war – but short and effective war, not the conflict dragging for half a century. His book is full of insights, and very down-to-earth. I highly recommend this book to everyone. It is freely available at www.SamsonBlinded.org

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