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Any good unbiased political websites?


Jan 30, 2005
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Are there any good unbiased political websites so that I can get news from?
Good luck!!

In all honesty, I was hoping this forum to become (in addition to) an unbiased news sourse as well. Hopefully it will some day. It is very very tuff to do as every author has thier own take on a situtation. So the best way, imo, is to keep them in check. i.e Here is some news - this is my take - what say you?

If we can find some good "unbiased" sites... link them in here and we will sticky this thread.

What would be even more awesome - multiple sources of the same event.
I have yet to find a news site that isn't biased. However, my first website for news is news.google.com. It's an aggregate service that culls from 4500 sources. It's a good start if you're looking for current events (not so good for archived material). You could also go right to the sources, AP news or reuters.
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