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Antiterrorist crusade headed by USA doesn’t look very much...


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Dec 1, 2005
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Antiterrorist crusade headed by USA doesn’t look very much inspiring at all. I guess this is due to the fact we’ve been preoccupied mainly by searching for Islamic terrorists all over the world while they have been gathering just before our nose … USA and Europe, whatever.
I really praise Germans who did it rightly by closing that notorious al-Quds mosque in Hamburg being a safe haven for terrorists for years. Even 9/11 terrorists had frequented it, fancy!
Now one more amazing thing is that local Georgian Diaspora men used to visit the place as well. I’ve always been absolutely sure all the Georgians are Christians. But there’s some national minority living in Adjaria district of Georgia who are muslims actually. So they were seeking for closer links with the Islamic radical elements in that mosque! He-llo! They allegedly were doing this on instruction from the Georgian intelligence… I can’t know more and my idea based on all this info is just that we should be more on alert when dealing with those Georgian immigrants in here.
Relating mosques… At least we must ban construction of any new ones here.
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