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Anti-smoking Head Cage....


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Oct 11, 2006
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(CNN) -- We all have bad habits. Nobody's perfect. Especially the booger eaters.

Most everyone will agree that one of the very worst habits -- if not THE worst habit -- is cigarette smoking. Because, really, as far as poor life choices go, it's right up there with setting your DVR for "Two and a Half Men."

Nothing good can come from it.

But one horribly addicted man in Turkey is determined to quit, and he's taking his efforts to a hilarious new level. Because, after 26 years of cigarettes, Ibrahim Yucel has decided to encase his entire head in a metal cage.

And, hell, it might just work.......read.....

Apparently This Matters: Anti-smoking head cage - CNN.com

LOL Well, thats one way to quit smoking....and eating.

I used to be a smoker and the advice my doctor gave me for quitting smoking was to just not let a cigarette get in my mouth. So thats pretty much what I did.

Now about that metal head cage....do you think it's marketable?
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