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Ansaru leader arrested by Nigerian Security (1 Viewer)

Infinite Chaos

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Oct 28, 2007
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In its efforts to stem the tide of terrorism in the country, the Directorate of Security Services, DSS has arrested one of the founders of Jama’at Ahl as-Sunnah lid Da’wah Wa’l-Jihad (Boko Haram) and later the Amir of the break-away faction, Jama’at Ansarul Muslimim Fi Biladi Sudan (JAMBS). Link.

Having seen how arrested civilians get treated in Nigerian prison, this guy will be getting the snot beaten out of him on a daily basis; probably worse given that JAMBS / Ansaru were behind a prison break-in in Abuja in 2012.

I'm hoping the U.S. $5million bounty will be paid to the people who actually arrested him - Nigeria has had a poor history of corruption until the democratic election of President Buhari, a man who ruthlessly pursued criminals in his first stint as military dictator of Nigeria in the early 80's.

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