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Another targeted killing in Bangladesh


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Feb 6, 2014
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First it was individual atheist or secular bloggers, then individual academics, and now the target was an individual who may have made a derogatory comment about Mohammad years ago.

Bangladesh Attacks: Three Arrested for Hindu Man's Murder
Bangladesh: Cases filed over brutal murder of Hindu tailor - BBC News

I think the key concept is individual targets. This highly personal method of terrorism directly implements the concept of "kill one, frighten thousands". It is also very difficult to stop. The cells committing these targetted murders of civilians dont require any logistics support or specialized training, operate under a loose "leaderless resistance" model and the civilian targets are easy to get to and can't be alert all the time.

That aside, my fear is that this is going to spread to the West. From the terrorist point of view, it delivers a big impact for not much effort.
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