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Ann Barnhardt Cuts Lindsey Graham a New One (probably Not for liberal/left/PC)


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May 14, 2009
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She's a bit on the Angry side, but gotta love they way she just goes for it.
Probably can't post part 2, but in it she gives her address "if you want a piece of her".
This vid is 2 years old if still very Relevant. I just found her and most probably haven't.

Warning: If you're liberal/left/PC I don't think you won't like it.
If you're on the other side you might propose.

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Warning: If you're liberal/left/PC I don't think you won't like it.
I dont get why any "leftist" (me being a socialist) woulndt "like" her point when it comes to people having the right to do this.
And when it came to the "speech" during WW2 is she defending laws that jailed many people that spoke out against the wars? Cuz if she is (which she makes it sound like) then she is a huge hypocrite then herself is going against the constitution.
I now change my position on this ****. I agreeed with everything up until the 6 minute mark. I spoke to soon. Now it seems all Muslims are the enemies and all Muslims are beheading wackos. Yea she is a nut job. Now she is all like making a case "my religion is better than your religion!".. Yea.. This is ****.
She does make one obvious mistake in her argument at the beginning saying that the US constitution is derived from divinity. There is nothing divine about it, and being she actually quoted where it is said that there can be no laws respecting the establishment of religion should have clued her into that fact. however, she is entitled to her ignorance and bigotry and to speak out and peacefully demonstrate in regards to it which would include safely burning a koran. As long as she is just burning it and not tossing flaming books at people or using them to light mosques on fire it is all good. She should probably realize America should accept islam and allow it to be practiced and not launch a war on that specific religion, only the criminals who harm others for whatever reasons. her general sentiment about freedom of speech tends to be fairly accurate even though her other views seem skewed.
Graham is compromised. That is why I think he so often goes left.

Just so you know the revocation of freedoms is a right thing also. They don't like people to be able to practice Islam or not believe in god and want to force a state religion. They do not want to allow women the ability to chose what happens to their bodies. They love the drug war. They do not want gays to be allowed to marry. They do not like freedom of speech or of the press and will even endorse obama's persecution of people who speak or publish bad things about our government. They are for keeping Gitmo open and holding over 80 innocent people who have been confirmed able to be released without trial or charges. They are for the removal of your rights as a citizen if you are accused of being a terrorist without any conviction.

So please, save the partisan BS about them being the heroes of our freedom for faux news.
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