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And the winner is.....


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Aug 1, 2005
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The winner of the worlds ugliest dog goes to, can I have the envelope please, thank you, and the winner is.........


I thought it was Howard Dean screaming again....
Guys leave Hillary alone she's just.....

...Oh. Well..that is a rather...beauty challenged mutt isn't it.
For the fourth time in my life, I have been shocked. Damn. I wish I hadn't seen that. I'm no zoologist, but, don't it have extra nails? This is gonna stay with me forever. Thanks. Bad enough I had to see a picture of cnredd. Though this does give me some smack ammo........Hey champs.......
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teacher said:
Bad enough I had to see a picture of cnredd.

You think you have it tough?

I gotta see it a few times everyday!
And now.....the winner of the most OWNED dog is.........

I hope someone kicks you in the teeth.

That's sickening.. but he did get OWNED!!!
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