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Analysis of lab report in Zimmerman's case - part 1

This article is about analyzing the FDLE lab report, specifically with regards to the finding of "contact shot" in Trayvon's body and an examination of Zimmerman's claim on how he shot Trayvon. This discussion stems from a previous debate with another poster in this thread/post:


Sigh ...Why don't you look for it?Never mind. I guess that is beyond those who wish to just rely on opinion.Bottom of page 19.The sweatshirts each displayed a hole in the upper left chest area. The areas around the holes were microscopically examined and chemically processed for the presence of gunshot residues. Both holes display residues and physical effects consistent with a contact shot.


Thanks for your effort. It’s getting interesting.

Yes, I will accept the lab finding of a contact shot on Trayvon. This finding establishes that Zimmerman shot Trayvon at contact range. But, it raises further questions.

Does it indicate that Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman that the contact shot was made as Zimmerman claimed or could it be that Trayvon and Zimmerman were in upright position such as in standing or kneeling position when Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon at contact range? Both positions are possible to produce close range shot that is consistent with a contact shot but with some differences. 

To find out, let do a little more digging. Let’s go to page 21/21 (last page of the pdf documents from above link. This lab report was from gunshot residual analysis done on Zimmerman’s clothing he wore that night. They were one grey Layer & Performance long sleeve shirt and one orange and grey Free County jacket. Here’s the lab finding on Trayvon gunshot wound:

“Chemical testing indicated one particle of lead on the upper back portion of the right sleeve of the jacket. No other residues were found on the jacket or the shirt. (emphasis mine)”

This is very significant because if Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman when he was allegedly slamming Zimmerman’s head repeatedly into the concrete, the space between Trayvon’s chest and Zimmerman‘s body must be very narrow such that Zimmerman’s right arm must be tightly bent at the elbow and with his upper arm folded against his body in order to accommodate his trigger hand to come into firing position against Trayvon’s chest in such a narrow space.

If that was the case, the residues should be found also at the cuff and the upper front portion of Zimmerman's shirt and jacket, in conjunction with the sleeves or cuff portions of Trayvon’s sweat shirt.

This is so because in a narrow space where the shooter was pinned down against the ground, the gas shooting out from the gun would not be readily escaped and dispersed into the atmosphere. Most would mushroomed down toward’s zimmerman’s body and expand downward and outward towards Trayvon‘s sleeves and cuffs areas. But, according to the lab report, no residues were found on other area of Trayvon’s body except the entry wound area.

Also, if Trayvon was shot while on top of Zimmerman there would be relatively more splatters of blood from Trayvon if not copious amount as compared to if it was in a standing position. The splatter would cover Trayvon’s sleeve area and Zimmerman’s clothing. I’ll cover in detail on that later below.

Now, let’s say if both were in the upright position when the gun was fired, Zimmerman could still put his gun at contact range to Trayvon’s chest. But, this time he didn’t have to be standing very close to Trayvon to fire his weapon. He could fully extend his arm and together with the weapon he could stand away almost three feet from Trayvon to fire a contact shot to his chest. But, most like he would stand with elbow bent or somewhere in between. This would allow the gas to quickly expand outward and dispersed immediately into the atmosphere leaving behind some residue on the upper back portion of the sleeve.

Also, this scenario makes sense with the theory that it was Trayvon who were screaming for his life when the gun was pointed to his chest knowing he was going to die. If you listen to the background screaming captured in one of the 911 calls, the screaming were desperate and continuous without vocal disruption or perturbation you would expect if it was from Zimmerman screaming while having his head repeatedly being slammed into the concrete.
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