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Analysis: Bleak News For Democrats in Jobs Report

The Prof

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Jul 26, 2009
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News from The Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The economic die is cast, and it's grim news for Democrats. There's nothing now that Congress or President Barack Obama can do to before the November elections to jolt the nation's listless recovery.

Friday's unemployment report - the last major economic news before the midterms - showed the nation continued to lose jobs last month, reinforcing the bleak reality that it probably will be not months but years before the jobless rate returns to pre-recession levels below 6 percent.

With nearly 15 million Americans still without work, that tightens the pressure on Democrats ahead of the Nov. 2 elections. And it also casts a dark shadow well into the 2012 election season and beyond.

1. Another 95,000 jobs bite the dust.

2. Fourth straight month of NET JOB LOSS.

3. REAL unemployment (including the underemployed and those who've given up) climbed half a percent to 17.1, according to MSNBC this morning.

4. FOURTEEN straight months of more than 9.5% out of work, longest stretch since the 30's.

5. In all these massive bodies of data the president has seized upon, as his sliver of silver lining, "eight straight months of private sector job growth," now nine.

6. Sure, Mr President---10,000 jobs in January, 25,000 in February, 40,000 in April, 50,000 in May...

Yahoo! Image Detail for - http://www.cbpp.org/images/chartbook_images/1.2-monthly-change-OPT.jpg

7. THIS is the best news you can dig up, THIS is what you chant while making your victory lap?

8. By all accounts we need to create some 300,000 a month, keeping up with population growth, if we ever want to get out of this mess.

9. This month's miserable bottom line counts 64,000 positions created by the greedheads who operate private enterprise---it was the public sector which so unexpectedly collapsed, 82,000 overpaid, underworked, over-pensioned public employees pink slipped, the most govt workers laid off in 30 years.

10. Start of the school year.

11. This despite the 30B dollar emergency teacher stimulus (the obscene s-word the president can't pronounce) crammed this Recovery Summer, which came at the cost of CUTTING FOOD STAMPS and which the NYT reported was being utilized coast to coast NOT to hire teachers for the kids but instead went mostly to shore up those over-promised, underpaid PUBLIC PENSIONS.


12. This despite the Stimulus, 862B devoted doctrinally to infrastructure investment, both physical and personnel.

13. The party's economic policies have demonstrably failed.

14. Indeed, they appear to have made things worse.

15. The comprehensive UNCERTAINTY that clouds this economy, from health care to energy to regulatory reform, has roadblocked expansion, has made investors, reportedly sitting on 1.8T of assetts which the grasping president is desperate to get his hands on, obstinately unwilling to play, out of both prudence and pique.

16. And now, TAXES.

17. The party hurried home to fundraise, leaving the capitol and all America clueless about what comes next, exactly what we're all to expect starting January 1.

18. Will the cuts be extended to the middle class, to those evil upper earners, to no one?

19. What's the plan, the path up, where's the legislation, the schedule?

20. Lame ducks a lame blueprint make.

21. There is no excuse, no justification, no rationale for the party to depart the premises without having produced on this problem.

22. Pure pusillanimity.

23. Auto sales are thru the showroom floor.

24. Consumer confidence crumbles.

25. Housing, which started all this, is no cellar in sight.

26. Still, we're heading in the right direction, the president persists.

27. We're making progress, he puffs.

28. Orszag, Romer and Summers QUIT.


30. And November is NOW.

31. His personal approvals concerning the economy are 38%, says CBS.

32. STILL not embarrassed?

33. Orszag is.

U.S. economy sheds 95,000 jobs in September Economic Report - MarketWatch

Static jobless rate renews debate over economy - John Maggs - POLITICO.com

RealClearPolitics - Unemployment at 9.6% in Last Pre-Election Report

The Prof
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The Liberal response to the truth of the failed Summer of economic recovery, and the still high unemployment numbers with no recovery it sight, they will first deny, deny. deny, followed by lie, lie, lie, and when that doesn't work they will go back to blaming Bush.

I hope I live long to see at least one honest Liberal who will admit that Obama's polices of spending money we don't have to fix problems that respond then over tax the people who create the jobs, and start new businesses have all failed. But that will never happen.
It's going to be funny watching you two try to explain how the GOP cutting jobs makes unemployment better.

Less taxes and greater demand = less activity. That's what I hear from you two.
4th straight month of NET JOB LOSS

FOURTEENTH with unemployment above 9.5%

why have school districts applied the emergency stimulus passed this recovery summer towards shoring up their porcine pensions instead of hiring educators?

why can't the president pronounce the obscene s-word?

why won't the fatcats sitting on 1.8T pony up?

why no leadership on the bush tax cuts, it's getting kinda late, don't you think?

why the pusillanimous punt?

did you know that employers coast to coast are unable to figure their withholding tables for 2011?

Taxpayers Face Hit as Congress Delays Vote - WSJ.com

they're in limbo, just like the homebuyer currently in escrow who was just told by the bank that his deal is suddenly on hold, the bank can't foreclose on the property he thought he bought, after all


why have half those who've received mortgage relief already re-defaulted?

Half of U.S. Home Loan Modifications Default Again (Update1) - Bloomberg

why did orszag, summers and romer quit?

why did 38 house dems sign that letter demanding that bush cuts be extended to ALL americans?

Nancy Pelosi keeps losing Democrats on tax cuts - Jonathan Allen - POLITICO.com

why did 47 come out for keeping the lower rates on investment income?

47 House Dems want to extend investment tax cuts - Politics - msnbc.com

how will anything get past jiltin joe lieberman, bye bye evan bayh, stiffneck ben nelson and the budget chair kent conrad in the senate, especially against the adamant opposition of omnipresent olympia snowe?

what's leadership gonna do about all that?

still not embarrassed, huh?
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