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An Update on Christopher Hitchens' Health

Perhaps some good news for all of us Christopher Hitchens fans.

Excerpted from “Christopher Hitchens takes on new drug regime in hope of cancer cure” By EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE, The Daily Mail, Last updated at 12:17 AM on 26th January 2011
[SIZE="+2"]B[/SIZE]uoyed by a visit by his friend, playwright Sir Tom Stoppard – and a note of encouragement from ex-President George W Bush whom he’s often mocked – British-born, Washington-based Christopher Hitchens has embarked on a promising new drugs regime which he hopes will cure his cancer of the oesophagus.

“They found a ‘match’ that is specific for my condition, and are using a targeted drug called Gleevec which doesn’t have so many of the awful side-effects that nearly checked me out earlier this month. So after some hellish months I hope to find that the hanging-on was worth it.” — Christopher Hitchens¹

See also: Q&A with Christopher Hitchens - C-SPAN Video Library, January 14, 2011
Christopher Hitchens is one of the greatest intellects of this generation. He is a man of the Left who is able to reach the hearts and minds of the Right. Hitchens is universally respected and admired. An intellect of the first order, and a giant beloved around the entire world. Best wishes to Hitchens and his family.
Good to hear. Here's hoping that we have many more new Hitchens' articles and books to read in the future. Get to work ol' boy!
Yeah I know. I have the iphone app that checks for his articles. I'm just hoping for some more books :)
I've only been reading and listening to Christopher Hitchens for a couple of years and I'd really appreciate some more time. After dragging my mind thru 12 years of Catholic dogma during the 50's and 60's, I'm delighted to realize that I may have the ability to think. Thank you
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