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An American Economic Limerick

An American economic limerick.
Our money spent and none to find
we are broke most all the time.
Cash that fell like leaves from trees.
Now blows a blustery economic
Breeze. The season changed.
Our government too.

Our capital sent with national dissent .
And spent on foreign aggrandizement.
Leaves us pained and worse for wear.
The jobs we find not anywhere.

They say we are at fault for this.
Cause payments too our lenders we
missed and cheaper goods we would-not
resist. So now they must act in haste and
not a moments tax dollar to waste.
Thus to the economy they stimulate.

The banker now has been repaid and
keeps the cash that we once saved.
Lending none for promises sake.
And punishing us yet another day.

The cost of tomorrow grows. And skittish
Is the to an fro. The bureaucrat has made
The claim that soon he will win the game.
So stay and play and he will pay.
It does not matter what team, you say.
They both give taxes so generously.
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