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America's Sweetheart, by Lil Huddy; F+

The chorus to America’s Sweetheart is especially lazy, I don’t want to constantly hear; “I don’t really give a shit if you stay, I don’t really give a shit if you go.” It’s hard to choose whether it’s the songwriting or Lil Huddy’s vocals, they both sound so dull and monotone. I’m convinced that all he did was write down two verses, got lazy, wrote a half-assed chorus and called it a day. By far, the singing in America’s Sweetheart have the worst vocals I’ve heard in my life, I’d rather listen to The Offspring. The acoustic guitar to the song was good, at least I found it calming; the only problem with it was how it was mixed with the worst singing in the world.
In the end, I’d proudly rate America’s Sweetheart by Lil Huddy a 4.7/10; lazy songwriting, terrible vocals, yet good instrumentals and decent enough tracks.


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May 30, 2017
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Watched the video/music video. Didn't like it. If he's America's bad boy, then America is pretty lucky and has nothing to worry about. Self-absorbed navel-gazing and whiny singing do not a real "bad boy" make.

I would suggest that you were too generous with your grade of F+.

Cheers and be well.
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