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America's Got Talent 2010 - video clips

Aunt Spiker

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Oct 20, 2009
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Who else watches it? I love it, the only one of these "act/vote" shows that I enjoy thoroughly and vote for.

I get frustrated with the show, though, because singing acts so far have always been the winners - the only slight exception was Terry Fator (a singing ventriloquist)

So from this year so far these are the performers I really like:

AscenDance - A rock wall dance act - I love these type of strong-men acts, truly impressive
America's Got Talent - Week 4: AscenDance Audition - Video - NBC.com

Fighting Gravity - an illusionist dance act that is a unique blend of creativity, blacklight and style
America's Got Talent - Week 2: Fighting Gravity's Audition - Video - NBC.com

Arc Attack - Truly crazy, blending my two favorite things: chainmaille and electricity
America's Got Talent - Week 1: ArcAttack's Audition - Video - NBC.com

And though she has no real talent - I loved Sponjetta . . . her song was in my head for a long time after I watched it, I dig her attitude and honestly - If she became a performer I'd be a fan just 'cause she's adorable.

"I'll be in my studio studio . . . up up up in my studio studio"

This year I hope of these acts win - or at least progress to fame, anyway. I went to Vegas a few months ago I was lucky to discover that some acts STILL make it to Vegas even if they don't win the show - a few seasons ago there was a quick-change act called, well, Quick Change - I saw them perform at Circus Circus, a little 5 minute show that's performed for the kids - I was thrilled more than they were. . . that got me back into the show, really.
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