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America's deadliest soldier or stolen valor?


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Oct 21, 2009
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I am skeptical but I have no way to know what he claims is true or not. Apparently those who were with him are equally skeptical, so I am inclined to believe that he either is trying to claim credit for what others did, doesn't understand what a confirmed kill is, or is just playing people for whatever cash and infamy he can muster.
Update: I spoke to Mr. Johnson after this story was first published. He says his new book doesn't claim that he killed 2,746 enemy combatants or that he has 121 sniper kills. He says while those numbers are on the book jacket, and in HarperCollins' publicity for the book, that the claim is never made in the text of the book and that it is inaccurate. He says he is not responsible for the publisher's writing. The 2,746 number he says is his battlefield estimate of those killed by both him and the men he was fighting with. Johnson says the he did kill 121 enemy combatants on his second deployment to Iraq, with M4 and M14 rifles, and that the choice of the term "sniper" was because average readers don't understand the difference between a marksman and a sniper.

From OP link.
He had 2746 "confirmed" enemy kills. Would you believe that? America's deadliest soldier or stolen valor? - CSMonitor.com

The guy is an @$$clown. He's been thrashed on the SOF boards. A couple comments go like this:

***** was being open about this because this guy created so much drama on the four days at the embassy. On his first day there he asked me as his supervisor. what my background was. Nobody does this or cares. He then went around bragging about 4 bronze stars, 4 purple hearts and how he shoot 160 terrorists to all the DDM's In return they threw the red flag up. Most have varied backgrounds and like us can verify posers, which they did. They went to the State Dept and got him removed. Not sure if anyone has heard of this guy or what he's done but he definitely went public and trying to cash in.
He and I worked the same contract for DS in Iraq. Never on the same team. He held a shift leader slot but wasn't well thought of.
So, let us get this right, a Bradley unit, stopping mobile warfare so this asswipe POS could count his bodies, two thousand seven hundred and forty-six to be exact (thats forty-six you ****ing assholes, not forty five or forty seven), ……. really? "Yep, that fire fight was five miles long, but we’re going back so I can count’em up, tell the CO to turn'm around."
Someone is going to buy this steaming pile of ****, and this is how Warriors get a bad name in the public, because these liars lies never hold-up. These scumbags are not going to stop, and as the war get further into the past, these lies are going to get worst and worst.

Who is SFC Johnson

Who is SFC Johnson?

In October 2005, a platoon of the 3rd Infantry Division on an IED patrol in Iraq was cut off by insurgents and took shelter in a building to wait for backup. The platoon was nearly discovered when the insurgents turned on the lights, but SFC Dillard Johnson, carrying a Gerber LMF II ASEK, was able to cut through a 220 volt electrical line and douse the lights, allowing the platoon to use their night vision advantage to neutralize the threats and wait for evacuation. While SFC Johnson realized the risk inherent in cutting through live electrical wires, he later said "I wasn't exactly thrilled about having to cut hot lines, but in battle, you do what you have to do."

I don't care who you are, cutting a 220V line with a Gerber tool is dumb.
Any time some guy writes a book for the sole purpose of declaring how bad ass he is, I roll my eyes and go about my business. If a person has to declare how awesome they are by writing a book about themselves, and doing press releases, they aren't anything near what they claim to be. Better yet, now that the heat is on he's blaming the publisher. lol.
From OP link.

Apparently people involved in publishing the book ****ed up, so what's the beat down on this guy all about. He's been apparently trying to fix this.
Apparently people involved in publishing the book ****ed up, so what's the beat down on this guy all about. He's been apparently trying to fix this.

He's backpedaling. All this was done with his consent.
What are the real numbers? If he scored 90 kills, rather than 121, that puts him in the same class as Carlos Hathcock.
To me it is unsettling that someone would brag about how many people he killed. That just doesn't seem "bragworthy." Also it certainly doesn't take valor to kill someone so I don't think any valor was stolen. It looks like a book I don't want to read.
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