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America's allies pushing away from US over Trump policies, top intel officials warn

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Mar 7, 2018
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From ABC News

America's allies pushing away from US over Trump policies, top intel officials warn

America's top intelligence officials were on Capitol Hill Tuesday, testifying about what they see as the gravest threats facing the U.S., and were expected to highlight strategic concerns about Russia and China, which they contend are "more aligned" than during the Cold War, while the U.S.-led Western order weakens.

They warned that some of America's greatest allies are distancing themselves from the United States due to the U.S. government's latest positions on an array of global issues.

(MORE: US levels criminal charges against Chinese tech giant Huawei and top exec )

"Threats to U.S. national security will expand and diversify in the coming year, driven in part by China and Russia as they respectively compete more intensely with the United States and its traditional allies and partners," the newly published 2019 Worldwide Threat Assessment warned. "At the same time, some U.S. allies and partners are seeking greater independence from Washington in response to their perceptions of changing US policies on security and trade and are becoming more open to new bilateral and multilateral partnerships."


How silly!!!

Everyone knows that the rest of the world would sink back into the pitiful third-world sh****le countries they were before the US magnanimously allowed them to have freedom, industry, and democracy and paid the price in American lives for doing so if they tried to get along without the United States of America.

Oh well, the US doesn't need any of those so-called "friends" and can get along just fine without any outside contacts or trade.

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