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Americans (at least these) are total idiots

German guy

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Jun 9, 2010
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Berlin, Germany
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That's really hilarious!

Reminds me of a comedy I saw a while back, when random people on the street were asked whether they are "heterosexual". Some angrily denied that, especially older guys with their wives. :p

But to be fair, the interviewer kind of baited them, by starting with "I am not a birther, but...". Then, it's probably not a shame not to know who Keynes was. Ok, maybe for someone who focused on economics in high school, or went to college, but certainly not for "Joe Average". So it's understandable they'd assume the interviewer meant to suggest Obama is "Kenyan". So I wouldn't be too hard on these people. I don't think they are necessarily stupid. (But it's still pretty damn funny! :p )

I think it goes without saying that, even if they are stupid, this doesn't say much about that ralley in general either. Gather a large enough group of people for whatever purpose, and you can be sure to have quite a few idiots among them.
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