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American Red Cross


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Dec 21, 2009
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Has anyone here taken their First Responder CPR/First Aid Instructor's course? My first class was today, and I have two more days to go... then I'll be certified to teach First Responder classes (CPR/First Aid/AED).

Anyone that's taken this class - what was your experience like? I'm actually very quiet and I don't care much for the group activities they seem to LOVE in this class. I swear.. every five minutes we were having to do activities (and I'm not talking about practicing life saving techniques - I'm talking written assignment kind of odd activities) and I kept getting stuck with this guy who seemed more intent on being a screw off, then he was anything else. Reminded me of chem lab where I always got stuck with the person that didn't want to do any work.

Anyway... what was your experience?
I am certified in first aid. I took it as a college course for credit and just kept it up since it might do good some day.

My class was great, my partner was a guy I bought my house from a few years earlier and we hit it off pretty well.
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