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American Media Manipulations


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Dec 21, 2008
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I would like to devote this thread to specific examples of how our Media is controlled and manipulated.

I would like to show how Media blackouts are a reality on disturbing issues that question our government....like 9/11

I would like to show how our Media is controlled and no longer investigates its own government on many issues like 9/11 and the countless facts that question the truth of the "official story" spoonfed to Americans.

I would like to show how our Media buries stories that get leaked out by the lower on the pyramid scheme in American media.

Let's start with a base on how this is possible and then move on to specific examples....

Here's Dan Rather explaning how it works and showing great concern for the demise of a free America

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Bill O'Reilly admits Media is corrupt.....so why is there no investigation on who is corrupt or as to what extent the corruption goes to sway American opinions?

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Wow....is this getting a story or making it?

Here is some good insight as to how our supposedly unbiased media works...

Here is an interesting perspective...

Here is yet another interesting piece...

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Yawn ... yawn ... mega yawn !!!

Suppose the concept of using media to discredit media somehow flew by you creative ... but then it is only YooToob !!!

Nothing more credible that chopped-up bits of old interviews ... you know, like an actual essey or peer-reviewed study ???

What's that ... no ... I wonder why !!!
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