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American Institutional & Economic Retraction

American Institutional & Economic Retraction
Whats happening to America?
The political and social unrest is the natural reaction for a society faced with uncertainty. Economic
and political institutions are unable to solve many of the problems americans are undergoing at home and abroad in the world. Our social and economic systems are polar opposites. To add more confusion and
pressure to this national social economic schism. The two major ideas for governing the nation thru this change has resulted in the politics of, deaf representative partisanship.

The entrenched philosphys from the political leadership in washington for navigating the ship of american free enterprise thru the treacherous waters of declining social mobility, is government stimulis versus private
stimulis.Both policys are ignoring the very issues that are putting immense pressure on our system of government.They are: Transfering wealth to other nations. Exporting technoligy and manufacturing to other nations.

The inability of the Governments cohesion in leadership and clearly defining the problems of america, internaly and externaly is forcing political changes inside the country that, confronts the reality of the divide between the elected officials and the people they represent. Trust by the public in the national governments expertise to solve the problems faced by america , is lost. They have acted in their own self interests a number of times during the current economic crisis. The policys that have helped undermine confidence in the government are from decades of laws and regulations that have benefited the government and the political system that aides its growth and contributes to the protections of its members.

Institutions that were used in america to keep the balance of equality between the federal system and the state and individual rights have been rendered obsolete by federal control. The state political parties once used to protect local interests, now support the election system for the national parties. Rendering the local and state political parties ineffective.Incumbent machines centraly located in the federal and international departments of government enable the use of money to manipulate the public trust. Bureacrats acting in the interests of government employees and officials now enact rules and regulations that protect them, over the private citizens. Examples of this excessive use of regulation : EPA rule to control green house gases, the prohibition of ozone depleting HCFC's, Free Trade,The expansion of the, Patriot Act to include eavsdropping on citizens within the United States.

American direction in global affairs, has been toward opening trade and strengthening agreements. For off shore investments of american manufacturing to import to the home markets exploiting cheaper labor abroad by americans business. To increase profits and use import controls in their favor.This adds to the problem of our economic decline and political malfeasance causing further contractions in employement.
The influence on politicans is to further the policys against national employement, by enacting trade legislation
that benefits the decline of industry in america.

American institutional economic retraction is not another cycle of the system of natural inclinations of the market. This was the result of the policys by an overgrown political system and its need for more money to continue expanding inspite of, the behest in the private sector. In order for the campaign contributions to continue they abided the wishes of the lobbys piecing out american capitalism.Now that the policys are in place it merely needs an eager well meaning government official to help keep it safe and perpetuted.

This new cycle of arogant elected aristocracy from the goverenment officials and the political partys
has given rise to the militant voter. The electorate is forming a wave of decided voters that make formidable decisions in national elections.America is being forced to vote our own interests over those of our elected representives.With unresponsive political institutions that have become manipulated by an ever increasing
powerful federal government the change for american freedom and control is being done by the citizens.
Voting to limit the control over them and their security both economic and militarily. From institutions political and government. The average citizen has been forced to retract his support and involvement. Engaging them instead in the battle for control of a direction in certain clear an defined goals that support the institutions of
america for the benefit of america.
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Tuesday, March 9, 2010
The Warfare of Economics
We are starting to see the emerging strategic implications of the economic policys of the communists and democracy's trying to get control of commoditys ,labor and technology dominance through out the world.

Wealth and raw materials are being transfered thru trade policys by the west and middle east to the communist nations and Asia upsetting the economic balance of power . Adding uncertainty to the- need for the rule of law and the free market theory of capitalism as explicit ideas in democracy.

The ensuing battle for industry control in the markets is done by manipulating global capital markets to
invest in countries with lower class labor that export to the more sophisticated consumers in the established
democratic nations that have already had industrialization.

Those systems of control use the profits in their semi- closed market to transfer the power.
Limiting imports and using export agreements and low cost products insures the continued success
of advancing communism against democracy.
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