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America will help us!



A weirdo president is no good for the country living through hard times. Unfortunately this is our case, the case of Georgia under president Saakashvili extravagant rule. The list of his oddities is too long to put it here (his surprise night trekking in the mountains with the commandos units, his order to the ministers “to use metro and phone”, his excessive sexuality and fleeing of his wife in the result and his obsession with war plans relating autonomies). I can’t know the exact diagnosis.
But the man is either mentally handicapped or just exhausted!
I guess this is no revelation for people close to him. Our mps are ready to make Saakashvili subject for medical testing by force if needed. They can’t leave it as it is now. Just imagine that one day “in an acute condition” he can make the army on alert and start real war! What’s then? Maybe mps can manage the problem. But they are scary of our maniac no less than the others. And they are scary of the possible reprisals too. Saakashvili sees most political figures here as his rivals. The very hint on their part to examine Saakashvili in hospital is treated by him as a coup attempt.
Only America or Europe or both of them can help us with this sensitive affair. I heard of the mps letters addressed to the USA State Department and to European parliament. In them they’re asking for help in arranging medical testing of our president. I really wish this to occur as soon as possible!
I'm unfamiliar with Georgian politics...

Is there a Parliament or some form of Legislature that the President must go through in order for his policies to be realized?...Are there "checks & balances"?
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