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America the Banana Republic


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Oct 2, 2005
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When Americans learned of John F. Kennedy's assassination in 1963, we were suddenly awakened to the realization that America was at that moment a Banana Republic: a country where leaders are replaced by assassinations or coups d'etat, not elections.

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Democrates wake up

Bush junta and stupidly recognize the 2004 election as legitimate--this was a state crime! We'll pursue all means to have this stolen election investigated by Congress and the judiciary, recognizing that the Bush junta will probably stop any effort we initiate.

We will not follow the leadership of any individual or group who blindly accepts the stolen 2004 election and pretends that the Republicans won the election through legitimate means. Any source--whether the Democratic party, a so-called "liberal" magazine such as The Nation, any source--not contesting the 2004 stolen election cannot lead our ongoing struggle for genuine democracy in America. If a person or a group does not acknowledge that the Republicans have put a process in place to steal all future elections, then they're blind to the loss of democratic process in the U.S.--and can't help us work to regain democracy.

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