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America Shadow of Rome?

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Mar 27, 2005
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I was recently doing some research on Mumia Abu-Jamal a man wrongfully sentenced to death row, though many witnesses saw another man shoot the deputy and Mumia a racist judge, Albert F. Sabo who has sentenced more people to death row (31) and only 2 out of 31 were white. (http://www.terrybisson.com/mumia.html)

Mumia reads speech's from his journal about American politics and because of his free-time on Death Row he has time to research and learn about different happenings... Here's an example of one of his speech's clearly making a trace from Rome to Great Britain and now to the United States.


I'd like to know everyones stance of this whole ordeal, including your stance on Mumia Abu Jamal.
Mr. Jamal was seen by four individuals standing over the Officer with his five shot

Are these the same individuals who also said they saw the assailant run away from the scene?

There is no defense for the facts that Mr. Mumia had terrible representation in the courts and he's also been declined have any more trials...If the law enforcement are so sure that Mr Mumia was the killer than why not publicly put this guy to shame? and stop all the protesters threatening violence if he is executed?

The fact that the judge seems racist and the only black jury member was told to leave seems a bit sketchy in my opinion. I think the fact that he worked for the Black Panthers are what made this judge rule this way, just like if a black judge was preceding over a trial dealing with a KKK member.
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