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Amazing the number of good people when you go looking (1 Viewer)


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Jun 23, 2014
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Yesterday i posted about the 25 year old who walked 16 miles to work every day....and the people who reached out to help him.

Here is another feel good story about a guy who wants to help people....my kind of people (kids).

Is he changing the world? Well, he is doing his part as far as i am concerned.....

Now if everyone else did just their little part

Donations are pouring in for James Karagiannis, Buffalo's "Ice Cream cycle Dude."

Karagiannis, 36, owns a fleet of five cycles that visit the city's disadvantaged neighborhoods, selling ice cream for just $1, or for free in exchange for a correct answer to a history or math question.

With his reflector sunglasses and sneakers the color of a blueberry Popsicle, Karagiannis is a familiar sight in many parts of the city.

But after almost a decade in business, Karagiannis still feels the sting when saying no to a kid who doesn't have a dollar for ice cream. So he and his drivers keep a stash of freebies to give to children who cannot afford a frozen treat.

Still, nothing is free. The youngster must answer a math or history question.

News spread fast on social media about Karagiannis' business model, so he started a "Pay It Forward" campaign to allow people to buy ice cream for deserving children.

In return for your donation, Karagiannis has the child who receives a free ice cream write a thank you card which he then mails to you.

good news Buffalo

"I truly did not think we'd raise more than $500," Karagiannis wrote on Facebook. "I'm afraid to look at the current total but it's got to be over $6k and who knows where it'll be when I wake up tomorrow morning."

"It's all just so overwhelming right now," he added.

Anyone wishing to donate can do so online.

He's Known As Buffalo's 'Ice Creamcycle Dude' And What He's Doing For Kids Is Awesome

tired of reading about Clinton and Trump and all the crap stories that hit the headlines

i am going to scour the news to try and find one good news story a day....if possible
Cool story. :)

I'm surprised the local government didn't try to shut him down for violating some dumb city code.

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