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am i the only person that wonders


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Oct 2, 2005
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GarzaUK said:
Strange since Britain has 18.6 abortions per thousand women (it's highest ever) and the US is at it's lowest ever abortion rate (good news of course) at 21.3 abortions per 1,000 women nationwide. I say that a more percentage of women work here than in the US, religious women tend to be housewifes. Plus lack of sex.

The reason why we might have more abortions could be due to any number of reasons but the fact remains that your birthrates are lagging. It is good in a way that more women are working over there but then again, people shouldn't get married, have children, and then just go to work and neglect their children. That's cruel and if you're going to do that, then you shouldn't children in the first place. Since more people are working in your society, that is why your birthrates are slowing down. You're forced to bring more immigrants in but that's not going to cure your low birth rate problem in the long run if the immigrants just adopt the same kind of lifestyle that your current citizens have. Having children is essential to carrying on the human race. If you just encourage people to work and not to have children, than eventually we're all going to be in serious trouble. I don't think we just count on the third world countries, as you're suggesting, to keep supplying us with children while we cease to have any. You're probably going to try to refute my statements with saying how we already have a population crisis as it is. That is true but the countries that have produced the most people, China and India, have already started to make restrictions on how many children people can have. Also, your solution of just bringing in more and more immigrants into Great Britain will ultimately cause problems (assuming it already hasn't; London is already 40% minority and it terms of physical and population size, it is already pushed to its limits) because the immigrants you bring in won't share your lifestyles and ways of doing things. Many of them won't want their wives to work and so they'll just want to focus more on family life and then they'll inevitably need public assistance to accomodate their large families. So then taxes go up, economic activity goes down, and you inevitably become less productive without realizing it. Your economy isn't nearly the powerhouse that ours or Japan's is. Your dollar value is higher, yes, but your corporations aren't able able to sell your goods nearly as cheaply as we are to poorer nations. Gaza, America is by far the wealthiest nation on Earth, we have the largest amount of billionares of any nation. Your economy just can't generate that kind of wealth anymore because you just have too many government regulations and taxes. And don't say we're hurting outselves with our trade deficits because most economists would say that it's nothing to worry about, as free trade ultimately produces greater wealth and better results.

Britain has it's own problems to deal with. We are not rich enough anymore (since WW1) to develop poor nations.

If you would just believe in yourselves again, you could be that rich once more.
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