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Alright - Which President is the Rapist.

As they say on Whats My Line, Will the real rapist please stand up.

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Aug 27, 2005
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For all you die hard Clinton and Bush supporters, here is your chance to cast a vote, in which the president you hate will be cast as a rapist.

1) Bush supporters, here is some material which says that Clinton is a rapist.

2) Clinton supporters, here is some material which says that Bush is a rapist.

OK, all you Clinton and Bush dittoheads. Pick up your weapons, and lets make this a good brawl.

Note to Bush supporters: The reason I have an actual court case with Bush, and only Ann Coulter with Clinton, is because I couldnt find a person crazy enough to actually file a court case accusing Clinton of forced rape. If you know such a case, please let me know, and I will include it. Also, if you like, I can include some Michael Moore commentary to match the Ann Coulter article. That way, both you and your opponents will be on equal footing. Let me know.
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