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Alleged shooter in Jazmine Barnes killing denies involvement, attorney says


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Dec 3, 2017
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The attorney for alleged shooter Larry D. Woodruffe says he has denied involvement in the killing of 7-year-old Jazmine Barnes.

A man accused of fatally shooting a 7-year-old girl in Texas late last month in what police have described as a case of mistaken identity is denying that he was involved, his attorney said.

An attorney for Larry D. Woodruffe, 24, one of two men charged with capital murder in the Dec. 30 shooting near Houston that killed Jazmine Barnes, said Thursday that Woodruffe told police he was not involved in the killing, and that the only thing connecting him to the crime is a statement from another man arrested in the case, according to NBC affiliate KPRC of Houston.
The gun used in the shooting was found at driver Eric Black Jr.'s home, further complicating this drive-by murder case.
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