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Algeria 1957

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Mar 27, 2005
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In 1957, Algerian organization the FLN began its campaign against the French Government. Through bombings of cafes, the FLN began their assault causing injuries aimed at the French people in Algeria. In return the French Government sent an elite Paratroopers group down to assist the dying French Occupation in Algeria... their mission was to "destroy" the FLN, all means are available. With this brought the need to track down leaders of the FLN via interrogation and when the Government couldn't get answers from those interrogated, they went to the terrible acts of Torture.
(Please Read more Information Here http://www.onwar.com/aced/data/alpha/falgeria1954.htm)

So now I ask the question, who were the "terrorists" or the "villains", in this situation?
Well torture is not an act of terrorism, however since you put villains on there as a choice you could select both if you wanted, but I'd have to go with the Algerians as being the "villians" on this one mostly because of the sheer weight of their terrorist attacks in opposition to the occasional act of terror/torture on behalf of the French Government. However I also understand the mentality behind France's unwillingness to leave Algeria and using any measure it needed to achieve it's goals. I don't say I agree I just understand why they did what they did.
I'm algerian origin, don't forget that algeria,s has been tortured during 132 ans. Millions deads and the algerians were considered as sleeves. excuse my english. The americans themselfs are considered by their authorities as minors not adult as a sort of dictators. The persons which work whith <bush became billionairs abusing yhe credulity of braves americans.
i agree with what the french did. they needed to do what they had to do. innocent people were being killed. the algerians could have setteled it differently and more peacefully. Killing innocent people isnt an excuse for anything. so i say that the FLN are the terrorist or "villains".
In 1832 Algerians did'nt neeed any help because they were civilized may be better that frenchs. 80% read and write. In 1962 only 11% is-it an act of civilization? 2 millions of Algerians have been massacred. For frenchs we were lower race so authorized to kill. The french settlers which have been sent in Algeria only winos and ex-prisonner because at that time the France was in unstable regime but second world army behind UK. FLN is odious but the lonely solution or disappear. Before 11 sept hundred of algerians killed every day by barbarians paid and formed by el kaida. Where were USA? UK? FRANCE?
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