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Alexander needs to be arrested and tried for perjury and treason.

Simple question: Did Alexander of the NSA commit perjury under Federal law?

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I'll probably be on some ridiculous Government watch list for creating this thread, but who gives a crap by now? We're cemented in this mess together, so stop looking at the red and the blue for answers, as they're not our savoir, nor will they ever be. Just think about the fact there are all these "watch lists" in America now. The very thought should make you sick to your stomach.

Alexander should be arrested for perjury, tried for treason against the American people, and sent to prison for the rest of his lying pathetic life. As well as anyone in the NSA who knew what was going on and anyone in Government who went along with it. Skip to 6:40 Number of Plots Thwarted by NSA Spying Suddenly Changed - YouTube

The American government has become an authoritarian surveillance state, and some even call it fascist. Fascism is the merger or Government and corporate power in an authoritarian state, so that's pretty accurate if you look at it from that angle. China's market's becoming a more free competitive open market than America's. Oh, and our country is utterly bankrupt. I know you see prices of homes rising after the crash in 07. Reason is, the banks are holding back the massive foreclosure/shortsale inventory, again are creating a false market value again. Peter Schiff on CNN: China More Capitalist Than America - YouTube

No country in history has ever incarcerated more of it's own citizens than the US. From a movie, but all that was brought to our attention in this movie clip are all indisputable facts. Art imitates life and always will. Oh, and there's nothing "liberal" about Obama. Socialism Obama care garbage is not "liberal" it's extreme right because it's Large big Government controlled power. Government just gets bigger and bigger as years go by no matter who or what party gets elected. We're not and have not been a Capitalist or Democratic Republic country for a long time now. We're a mixed economy, capitalism is dead, and so is any inkling of a true checks and balances Representative democracy. We fought a war over taxation without representation. Well, there's no one representing the people any longer, you just get tricked into thinking you're being represented becasue you don't even know what you want or what should be. All you know is what you're told, taught, fed and shown. Do you not see that by now? We're all supposed to be fiscally conservative and socially liberal. If we stopped thinking about parties that mean NOTHING and ignored the partisan divisive garbage they feed us to keep us arguing with each other and distracted, we would see what's going on around us. That's the balance of freedom and small unintrusive government: Why America is NOT the greatest country in the world, anymore. - YouTube

The NDAA, DHS, National ID cards, arrest and detain American citizens without charge or due process, the IRS stealing from us for a UNION, Drones killing as they are commanded (even on American soil) all the Patriot (horrible name for such draconian laws, but that's pure jingoist propaganda) Acts, the overreaching power of the government, the fact that the judicial, legislative and executive branches have effectively become one, creating a dictatorship with no opposition on either side. Case in point: FISA is a joke and has never denied any data mining/surveillance on Americans. This is paramount to the Government putting cameras in your home with a microphone, but telling you they will NEVER look at it; unless they suspect you of something. Remember, just becasue the Government or any entity has the technological capabilities to do something doesn't mean they should, or even have the right to do so.

The lies, secrets all in the name of National Security and propaganda used, is all straight out of the book of Goebells. Also, what "files" did snowden give China and Russia? Answer: None yet..... What the American Government has become makes the east german stasi look like disney world. Germany slams US for ?Stasi methods? ahead of Obama visit ? RT News

Snowden did expose the IP addresses of Chinese computers hacked by the NSA which showed that the US Government was hacking into Chinese SCHOOLS a place of knowledge. Good for him. Didn't hurt or harm a soul. All the while the US Government was lambasting China prior to this for their supposed spying on Americans. Get with the program.

Straw man terrorist arguments hold no water. Why didn't PRISM catch the underwear terrorist, or the Boston Bombers? Why did the two Agents who questioned, and then kill the Boston Bombers "friend" (cause they said he came at them with a knife) die shortly after in a freak training accident? Why did Seal Team 6 who supposedly killed Osama, die shortly after, in a helicopter they were never supposed to be in? Too many deaths, and too many coincidences. No one can answer why.

Why is the American Government saying al qaeda is the enemy, yet is arming them in Syria, and fighting absurd proxy wars with Russia? Oh that's right, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Even tho the supposed al qaeda "hates us for our freedoms". If they hate us so much for our freedoms, then why is it the American Government that's actually destroying the Bill of Rights, and taking our freedoms away? It would seem as tho it's the American Government's the one who hates us for our freedoms. These same "rebels" in Syria were called insurgeants/terrorists in Iraq when the American Government was overthrowing Sadam. Now they're conveniently "rebels" and again, they're supporting al qaeda. This is pure insanity, yet I don't see this being discussed anywhere in the MSM. I think Bill mar made a comment about it, but who pays attention to him? This is the same Bill Mar who once said "call me crazy, I don't want Google reading my emails" Yet now is a champion of the authoritarian surveillance military industrial congressional complex of the NSA.

Freedom of speech exists in America up until it threatens the very fiber of the authoritarian stranglehold the American Government is trying to hold onto, which is why there are so many secrets, and whistle blowers are sentenced to life in prison; 8 since Obama took office. Daniel Ellsberg would be in prison right now for leaking the Pentagon papers if PRISM/NSA existed back when he blew the whistle.

Ellsberg is only free because it was ruled that illegal wire tapping was conducted on him. Well folks, no more illegal anything by the Government any longer if "National Security" is the excuse given. They make and break the laws if it gets in their way. Anyone who opposes them is labeled unpatriotic or a traitor, etc. I heard that sycophant in congress King called to have Greenwald arrested. That effectively annihilates the 1st and 4th amendment by default. This is all done so people are afraid to speak out against anything the Government is doing that is wrong or goes against the very liberties they're sworn to protect. Our Government is sworn in on the Bible to defend the Constitution! If they don't, they're the real traitors, enemy of freedom, and we the people.

My God, can you imagine the elections that can, and will be rigged with the omniscient and omnipotent power the Government has granted itself? They will know exactly what we're thinking, who we're talking to, how often, how we're thinking of voting, and then be able to manipulate, and know exactly what to do to sway our votes one way or the other with no privacy left. Talk about "programming" If this info is shared with companies selling us various products, we'll be buying things we never wanted but now feel compelled to, as if we couldn't live without these things in our lives. Forget the news. The MSM is bad enuf as it is now. With no privacy, it will become even more of propaganda mechanism. The limits to what the Government will be able to do with this meta data are only limited by their imagination and morals, and we see they have no morals, so they're not limited at all. What they're capable of with this illegal insight into our everyday lives is chilling to the bone. I don't trust them. Do you? What reason have they given any of us to trust them with such power? None....George Carlin The Best 3 Minutes of His Career "The American Dream" - YouTube

How come any time the America dollar is threatened, we see a new war being fought? Libya anyone? Petrodollar warfare. This Empire must fall, and I hope to God it does soon. When I say "fall", I mean we must at the local level, begin to vote people in who are not Republican or Democrat. It all starts at the local level; not the state level. So much attention $$$$$$$$ is placed on the Presidential election because that's what the Government wants you to pay attention to. It's a pointless vote, as it stands right now. It's the local state elections that are the most important. They're the ones that will change this country back to what our founding fathers tried to build the framework around. They weren't perfect by a longshot, but at least they gave us a blueprint for a semblance of freedom.

There's a lot here to digest. There's so much more, but why waste my time. You all want to live in a V for vendetta Orwellian world? That's exactly where we're headed, and fast!

I'll leave with two more videos, both from the last two great presidents we've had who warned us of the exact dangers we're ALL (worldwide) facing today.

President John F Kennedy Secret Society Speech version 2 - YouTube

Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex. - YouTube

He's not our enemy. This kid gave up his life so we could know the truth: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/pardon-edward-snowden/Dp03vGYD

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