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Aha! Georgia is having acting trainings again!



Aha! Georgia is having acting trainings again! Damn! Every other month it has military trainings! I wonder, where does Saakashvili get that lot of money to have trainings every month!? I guess I know, it is President Bush who donated Saakashvili $300 M instead of channeling these funds to the victims in Louisiana.
But wait, here is something else. Why is Georgia training so much? Are they getting ready for some kind of "peace-management operation"? Or will it rather be a war? Indeed, during what sort of peace-management operation may Georgian military personnel need skill of town fight or blocking of montane village or beach landing? It is positively going to be a war. A war sponsored by the US!!!! Shame on you, George Bush! You'd better take care of your own nation!...
Lol. Methinks you're a bit too worked up. Every nation with an army has wargame drills every once and a while. It's no big deal.
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